Get Help Now. Change Your Future.

The Harbor Recovery House is here to help you get to the life you have always wished for. We will assist you every step of the way. Our program is designed to help you develop and maintain the life skills needed for achieving long term sobriety. The life you dreamed about is within your reach if you are willing to give it a chance.

Substance abuse treatment has not made the necessary advancements needed to truly individualized care. There are many factors associated with treatment that most facilities fail to recognize and/or address. Factors such as one’s Neuro-Biological and Genetic make-up play key roles in their addiction.

In order to be successful, substance abuse treatment must be designed to encourage new Neuro-pathways for behavior modifications. Most facilities offer the same “cookie cutter” screening and treatment process, whether needed or not. Finally, Harbor Recovery Centers has unique alternatives! We offer innovative treatment programs that focus on the patient’s clinical, spiritual and emotional needs.

We provide a full continuum of care ensuring the patient has the support needed as they advance through our cutting edge program. With many years of combined experience, we are confident that our pioneering approach will dramatically reduce recidivism.